Stills from Private Enemy – Public Eye


Copyright © Bruce Charlesworth

A terrorist cell fronted by a has-been TV star unravels in an American suburb.


Begun in late 1992, Private Enemy – Public Eye remains unfinished. Photography was completed in 1997 and was followed by editing on 16mm film. Not wanting its theme of domestic terrorism to be seen as a response to the attacks of September 11, 2001, the artist shelved the film and embarked on other projects. Completion of this film is planned within the next five years.




Script, Direction, Set Design, Principal Camera: Bruce Charlesworth 

Music: John Franzen 

Costume Design: Lyle Jackson 

Lighting Director, Camera: David Doyle 

Sound: Peter Giebink, John Calder 

Wardrobe, Makeup: Mary Jo Donohue

Script Supervisor: Karen Manion   

First Assistant Director: Peter Rudrud 

CAST: Elizabeth Stifter (Tina/Pamela Glenn, Scott Thun (Curley Hughes), Bruce Charlesworth (Francis Crete/Vago), Lily Vakili (Delphine), Tom Poole (Rick), Stephen D'Ambrose (Jim), Bernadette Sullivan (Catalina Belmont), Felicity Jones (Nurse), Judah Hannah (Nelson), Paul Meshejian (Brubaker), Carolyn Ward (Dr. Morris), Janet Daverne (Suzy), Randy Latimer (Polly), George Muschamp (Major Zorax), John Franzen (Professor Skullface), Michael Freeman (Big Man)


Production Managers: Peter Rudrud, Joel Dossi 

First Assistant Camera: Greg Potter  

Video Assist: Judah Hannah 

Technical Directors: Eric Cheever, Troy Kampa 

First Assistant Editor: Colleen Ludwig 

Assistant Editor: Ryan Philippi 

Key Grip: Mark Wojahn 

On-Set Photography: Rik Sferra 

Gaffer: Tony Tucker 

Sets Construction, Painting: Eric Cheever, James Muirhead

Additional Camera, Lighting: Bill Felker, James Tittle, Tim Attridge 


16mm film, approx 120 minutes, when finished