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All This Is Yours is a fabricated environment made up of seven rooms and connecting hallways. Inside it, your presence can alter the trajectory of several interwoven narratives on video.

In Love Disorder, a video character talks to visitors and reacts to their movements in the space.


Airlock is a multimedia narrative environment about anticipation and the passage of time. The viewer is lured through three rooms by events seen on video.

Cyclops is a stylized mechanical tableaux depicting an elevator lobby.


Although depicting an exterior alleyway, Reality Street functions like a period room in a cultural history museum. A waist-high glass barrier inhibits entry to the alley. A voice comes from a small portable television.

The viewer enters a double collonade leading to an exaggerated archive of visual references.


This large multi-media environment depicts the ground floor of a suburban house and a three-dimensional diorama of a front yard and street. Private House features two audio tracks, a video and an interactive telephone.

This work is visually representational only in the sense that there are some identifiable objects within it: a TV tuned to play a rapidly rolling image with distorted sound and a fish tank containing orange, blocky floating objects.


Parts of the installation Wrong Adventures were constructed to double as sets for the video portion of the work, some of which was shot on site. This allowed viewers to see locations in person alongside recorded video of events taking place in the same places.

Mauna Loa is a stylized installation with lighting effects, audio and video.


Lost Dance Steps includes several groupings of objects that relate to the narrative of a video shown on a housed monitor in the space. These function as a collection of symbols.

Projectile consists of five rooms depicting a house upstairs and basement where the climax of the accompanying video takes place.


Surveillance is a completely fabricated environment that represents the front room of a cabin by a lake. Its scale is greatly exaggerated and the content is simplified in order to help the viewer zero in on the essential elements of a narrative.

Copyright © Bruce Charlesworth

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