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Bruce Charlesworth-scene from Retraction-2016-digital video

Retraction is a feature-length film. Its story arc spans a workday in a government agency in a fictitious police state circa 1968.

The Circle Line is a rearrangement of a video sequence shot by the artist from a train window. There are four parts to this remix of reality.

Bruce Charlesworth-scene from The Circle Line-2008-digital video
Bruce Charlesworth-scene from The Happiness Effect-2001/04-digital video

A politician visits a grade school classroom and gives a lesson in spin-control using a parable about a shunned puppy.

Copyright © Bruce Charlesworth

A bored worker feeds a creature living in an inflated pool in a quarantined room.

Bruce Charlesworth-scene from Airlock-2004-digital video
Bruce Charlesworth-scene from Private Enemy Public Eye-film

Fronted by the former star of a TV police drama, a terrorist cell unravels in an American suburb. This hallucinatory feature-length film is about navigating public and private life, fact and fiction.

A murder investigation in which a suspect spins an alibi about being attacked by an aquatic monster.

Bruce Charlesworth-scene from The Happiness Effect-2001/04-digital video

A 'grand opera' TV crime show in which an undercover police commando/test pilot tracks down a charming, murderous gangster.

Robert and Roger is the story of identical twins, raised apart in different countries and cultures. As adults, they are tracked down, captured, tested and observed – each unaware of the other's existence.

Bruce Charlesworth-scene from Robert and Roger-1985-video
Bruce Charlesworth-scene from Wrong Adventures-1984-video

In Wrong Adventures, a man tells his psychoanalyst stories of his troubled relationships with various people, any of whom could be imaginary. After shooting a stranger hiding in his mother's bedroom closet, he is committed to an institution for the criminally insane.

Johnson is followed to a birthday party in a survivalist's bunker where, during a game of ping-pong, a flying object leaves a gaping hole in the ceiling and a mess on the floor.


Lost Dance Steps follows the obsessive activities of an amateur Houdini, whose escapes include hiding in boxes and climbing out gas station restroom windows.

Two hired spooks hold a close watch on a man staying in a cabin across a lake. When not looking through binoculars, they nap, call for take-out and fill out job applications.

Bruce Charlesworth-scene from Surveillance-1981-video

After undergoing interrogations from a sentient tape recorder, a detained man begins to lose his sense of purpose.

Copyright © Bruce Charlesworth

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