Installation detail from Mauna Loa, 1983

Mauna Loa is a small, stylized installation named for the the largest volcano on earth.


"I wanted to do a volcano-related piece, and it so happened that one of the most famous ones had a series of major eruptions the year I was born. Mauna Loa destroyed a village, then went dormant for 34 years, erupting again the year after I did this installation."

The installation is an intentionally unconvincing evocation of a domestic setting in the path of an approaching lava flow. It is made up of four oversized objects: a TV set, a painting, a louvered window and a 9-foot high door. Both the door and window have built-in lighting effects.

Door from Mauna Loa
TV from Mauna Loa
Painting from Mauna Loa

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