#16 1984 cibachrome print

"I've always been interested in transitional spaces like corridors, waiting rooms, elevators, alleys and highways, as well as the interiors of cars and airplanes. The things that are meant to happen in those spaces are also transitional, or could be thought of as non-events."


The imagery of Fate invites a wider narrative interpretation than Trouble. As in the previous series, scenarios are isolated from each other, photograph-to-photograph. The man in the black suit is as much a perpetrator as a victim of circumstance. He falls backward into a hallway, watches a volcano erupt, reads the want adds, climbs through debris and has a drunken vision of pink cartoon rabbits.

#21 1985 cibachrome print

#17 1984 cibachrome print

#24 1985 cibachrome print

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