DEATH-RAY is catch-all title for photographs made between 1992 and 1997.

Accident 1996 cibachrome print

The series Death-Ray includes photographs done during the production of Charlesworth's feature film, Private Enemy - Public Eye. Many of these images were shot on sets built for the film or used some of its props, costumes and backdrops. A few include actors in actual scenes from the film, although the majority of images focus on interiors, inanimate objects and unrelated scenarios with different actors.

Rex Test 1995 cibachrome print

Feeding 1997 cibachrome print

Fixture 1995 cibachrome print

Luggage 1993 cibachrome print

Gift 1995 cibachrome prints

Isolation Ward (triptych right) 1994 cibachrome print

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