Special Communiqués is a photo-novella made up of text and 38 images shot on Polaroid SX-70 film.  About half of the images were altered with acrylic paint and collage.  The rest are straight photographs.  This project was done during the summer of 1980, less than a year after the completion of Eddie Glove.  By contrast, the earlier 50-image project took four years to finish (1976-79), largely because it was printed in multiples and hand-toned.  The character of Eddie Glove appears in this work, after a fall from an airplane.  This is the first instance of several intersecting plotlines between works in a variety of media made through the 1980s and into the early 90s.


#14 1983 cibachrome print


"With this series of photographs, I decided to let go of any kind of linear narrative and have the connection between images be limited to their visual style and situational equivalency. In the images with people, the poses were improvisational and the figures often slightly blurred. I chose to wear the black suit so that I could make a dark shape within the compositions..."

#12.5 1983 cibachrome print

#4 1983 cibachrome print

#2 1982 cibachrome print

Copyright © Bruce Charlesworth

#6 1983 cibachrome print

#8 1983 cibachrome print

#9 1983 cibachrome print